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I'm Thomas Boland


My Projects

Robotics: FRC Team 6406 - Cyber Scorpions

Working primarily as a software engineer, I also took on the role of Team Captain. Along with a couple other teammates, I helped with the 2017 robot's electical system. I am continuing as the lead software engineer, and am working with my team to build a robust vision coprocessor for our 2018 robot.

Robotics Portfolio

Picture of Cyber Scorpions

Pender Island Bus Website and Schedules

I began volunteering for the Pender Island Community Bus when I developed a location tracking service for its busses. I then designed its website, and continue to maintain its routes and schedules.

Picture of Pender Bus Website

Projection Mapping (Violin Recital)

I was approached by a group to map projections onto five screens hung above the stage. I had never tried it before, and I loved it! I will be coming back to projection mapping and Augmented Reality in the future.

Picture of Projection Mapping

Sound Engineering (Solstice Theatre)

I have engineered and mixed the sounds for several community theatre productions. This helped me learn how to solve problems and track down problematic variables more efficiently.

Picture of Sound Engineering